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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

Kind of having a kickin ass and taking names kind of day here... In a good way! Yesterday was NOT a good day for me... Jackson threw tantrum after tantrum for no good reason at all. It has been like that most of the week so far out of the blue, but yesterday was b.a.d.... Maris seemed to only exacerbate the situation by egging him on or threatening time out (she thinks she is a little Momma sometimes). And of COURSE I had the night off and Jim worked into the night... so I had barely any relief... he came home at 9 and they insisted on staying up to see him - which I was fine with... but they were just as bad then and I was being nice! He came home, talked to Jackson and watched Curious George with Maris and I PASSED OUT on the couch and was in bed before 10... this coming from a person who stays up until 1 at the earliest most nights. so ten is craaazy early. and I slept through the night which is also unheard of. I have terrible sleeping habits and bouts of insomnia so a good nights sleep is like a high! I cleaned the kitchen - I mean CLEANED... moved stuff around and scrubbed and organized, had the kids dressed and fed and happy, folded laundry, made the beds... made myself coffee instead of buying it on the go... had a dance party in the kitchen with the kiddos... all before 9am. Having a good day! The kids are getting along and are happy... I guess its true... when Momma is happy - everyone is happy. sleep is good!

Enjoying some cheese doodles.... nice orange teeth, huh?

and the drawing Challenge of today was your favorite food. Mine would be tempura dipped in Tentsuyu - yummy sauce! At first I was intimidated to draw it, but I went back to my safety net... cartooning! The fun of this challenge is that Maris is getting into it... not really the subjects but seeing me draw stuff and sitting and drawing with me :) I should start posting hers too! haha

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  1. All that went through my head when I saw your drawing was "There's a party in my tummy..So Yummy So Yummy!!!" Great job w/the drawing and sorry to hear Jackson's been a handful...Oh the tumultuous 3s!!!