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Monday, January 23, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge...

I came across this challenge on Pinterest... ( really wanted to give it a shot. Realistically with my schedule a drawing literally every day will def be a challenge, but I will complete the list - just may not be consecutive days. When I complete a drawing, I will post it on here. I started the first one on the list today... as tempting as it is to skip out of order, I will follow day by day. Realistic drawings are not my forte... but this is what I came up with this morning... I figure I will post it before I do anything else to it... not sure if it is done or not, but something seems off about it. Maybe more shading.... NOT MY THING. I like cartooning :) Like they say... you are your own worst critic (def true in my case!) 2 of my friends are doing this challenge as well. GREAT way to grease the gears and get back into drawing! Here is my first drawing that was more than a doodle in what seems like forever!

anyone else want to join the challenge?? :)

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