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Monday, January 30, 2012

Traveling Zoo and Challenge Day 7 & 8

The local fairgrounds had a traveling zoo this weekend and we had free kids tickets so we went. Little did we know it would still cost us 26 bucks in adult admission just to go!They had expensive rides and games as well on top of admission (over a dollar a ticket and nothing cost under 2 tickets...) It was a stinky glorified petting zoo with unhappy animals and NO supervision of unruly kids climbing fences and startling the already stressed animals.... BUT back to the point... the kids loved it. We got to see a bunch of cute stumpy little ponies and a few camels..I got freaked out by an emu *I hate birds and it was right there in my face* and Maris got to see a porcupine!!!
*backstory* Maris out of the blue last year stated that "porcupines eat people" and has been freaked out at the mere mention of a porcupine. She finally saw one and saw that they are pretty harmless unless you get poked with a quill. I'm glad that the "they eat people!" thing is done haha pictures below is her reaction to learning what was in that cage!

drawing challenges day 7 and 8. I have many favorite words... didn't know if I should chose by number of usage or how amused a word makes me or how I try to work them into regular conversation... :) favorite animated character was hard, but again went with my first instinct.. as I was inking it on, I thought of either redoing it as Garfield or Robin Hood... but whats done is done! I love Rockos Modern Life... reminds me of my adolescence <3.

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