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Friday, January 27, 2012

MNI Game Night and Drawing Challenge Day 5

Last night I attended a Mon's Night In Game Night. I had a much needed glass of wine (or a few) and played a few games. It was nice to relax and have some stress-free fun. This should be a monthly thing! My mom's neighborhood friends all have a monthly ladies night and have for many many years now.. they make a calendar schedule for it and everything... always wanted to carry that on. It is great to have a night for yourself to talk and unwind. I so so so wish I had the space for entertaining bc I'd totally have a game night every few weeks for sure. Id have playdates more... so many ideas... My entire apartment is the size of the refinished rec room basement I was in last night though... haha ONE DAY we will have a bigger place hopefully of our own... we do well with what we have :) I got to rock some Pictionary - even though I didn't bring my A game... I had some hard cards! I do adore board games!

so the drawing challenge for day 5 is draw your best friend. I am fortunate enough to have many close and loving friends... and instead of choosing one over others or drawing a whole lot of people... I am going to chose my longest and most constant friend - My sister, Miranda. aka Turkey, Turkins, Turkenheimer, Panda, Miranda Panda, Wombat.... she is quite a pain in the ass and we certainly have our differences but she has a heart of gold and we get each others ridiculous moods and sense of humor... I drew her in her hat and for whatever reason, I visioned this drawing of her in a panda suit.... plus, who the hell knows how to draw a wombat... haha

here are a few pics of my sister :)


  1. Yes it was fun and YES we should schedule one per month!

    Love your much talent! Have a great weekend!