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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sneak Peek and Drawing Challenge Day 4

A certain Goob is turning 3 in a couple months... and I always start planning ahead since I make most of their party decorations and all. We are doing a monster theme... he IS a little monster after all... :) I had Maris draw a monster and I recreated it to a certain degree and we decorated them. I made 12 so far... addicting to say the least! plus they cost practically nothing as I used stuff I had around the house except for a bit of fabric remnants I did purchase for under 2 dollars. and here's the best part... I realized that I had to stuff the little beasts... and went to Joanns and found decorative christmas snow fluff on clearance for 59 cents a giant bag... I bought a few bags and only used a little over 1 bag to stuff them all. Booyah

You can only peek at the 2 the kids made themselves! All others will be revealed in time! :)

The drawing challenge was to draw your favorite place. I could not for the life of me think of a better place I enjoy retreating to better than my own brain... I retreat into my head all the time and for various reasons and moods. I have a very active imagination and my mind is ALWAYS working on something... I am still going with first drawing, first reactions... no perfectionist... no redos... just raw ideas and whatever comes out. I like it better that way.
on another note... my Dad recently cut his finger really bad on a table saw (again) but this time severed a tendon and has nerve damage...he has surgery tomorrow to see what they can do for it.... I am not one for prayer and all that... but he is in my thoughts... and I wish him luck and a speedy recovery. I will update as I am updated on it. Tomorrow Maris has declared we will make get well cards for him. I'm sure he will like that :) Here's the pic after he got back from the ER. My stepmom sent it. Doesnt he look HAPPY>?

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  1. If you hve clothes that you have a stain or something that you have to throw away, cut off the buttons. i see you used buttons on your monsters. i always saved buttons,i still hve my button container if you need more.