Monday, January 9, 2012

Goobers In Action :)

Playfoam, dress up, and music today :) I have the night off and want a laid back fun with the kids day. Maris has "ballerina school" later this afternoon and she was already wanting to get dressed for it. We did dress up and music instead. I LOVE LOVE that they listen to my music... :) I can play my grooveshark playlists I made for cleaning and they rock it with me. The kids are loving the relaxed bummin-it kind of day and I'm getting stuff done! I hope this foam never gets old - it never dries out and doesnt stick to anything AND they've been so occupied! I started the pulled pork, uploaded pictures, did laundry and picked up the living room... actually ate breakfast, clipped coupons, and did a few word puzzles at the table. Good day so far!

She requested a Hello Kitty

then made it a hello kitty monster !
can you tell he has a favorite character/movie? haha

they sure make the day interesting :)

Might I add that Jackson requested big boy pants and peed in the potty?! We started a sticker reward sheet like I did with Maris. Seems to be working! I told him he can't go to school without being able to use the potty and he literally ripped his diaper off right there haha (he is desperate to go to school like Sissy does)

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  1. Yay for Jackson wearing his big boy pants and going on the potty!!!!! Way to go :-)