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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trepidation... Input?

I have been playing with logo design... which is funny because I am still having anxiety about the whole "photographer" thing... whenever an opportunity arises to DO something or try to do something, I freeze up. I just need to jump in. I started reading through photographers blogs to get inspiration and business ideas (I really have no head for business - just passion for taking pictures) and all it has done really is lower my confidence by talking down "hobbyists" claiming to be pros. I never claimed to be a pro... I just want this to be my career more than most things in life. The idea of asking for a good chunk of money (photogs get paid pretty well!) for something I basically know how to do is... off for me. I hate the business/finding clients aspect. All I know is how good I feel when I am taking pictures and how happy looking through them and picking out the best shots makes me. I have an eye for what makes a good shot and I am a people watcher so I tend to see most things coming for good candids. (a benefit to the social ineptness I suppose)
Well, now that I have vented about my current anxiety... here are my logos that I may never get to use... sigh (I made over 20... I just like these 2 the best)


I figure if I jump in and see it all coming together, I will gain the gusto I need. I know taking the photos at my cousin's wedding a couple months ago really lit a fire under my butt, BUT that was mostly family and people I felt comfortable with. Plus, I jumped into it for free, so there was less pressure on me to get every shot. I tend to be quite socially awkward... melting into the background and snapping pics is my thing... attaining and talking to potential clients... yikes! I have to get over this if I want my dream job!

Alright, off to get the kids gear ready to go out in all this fresh fallen snow!!!


  1. OK, I have to ask, what does the "K" stand for you in your logo? Your middle initial I suppose?

  2. I like the first logo. I say jump in with both feet! While you're starting out you'll charge lower rates and raise them as you become successful. I know exactly the types of comments you're talking about from "professional" photographers(I'm guessing you saw lots of that on pinterest). Just remember that all of them started somewhere. The photographer that we have used (whose packages now start at our former photographer) used to be a photographer at a mall photo shop. Now she is one of those snobby photographers posting things like "just because you have a fancy camera doesn't make you a photographer."
    Email me and I'll tell you about my friend Samantha in upstate NY who does photography casually and has holiday photo shoots and then makes them into cards.

  3. thanks Steph :) I try not to let comments like that bother me.. they just don't help my confidence! Everyone does have to start somewhere.