Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am a board game geek

I am seriously in love with board games. I am fortunate that my husband and friends have no problem kicking back and busting out a game and playing for hours... I live for Scrabble (NO ONE will play me though!!) and Cranium is the best with friends. Every year for my birthday the tradition is a beer and boardgames night. Fantastic fun.
I miss game nights and my friends... don't get me wrong: the family life is amazing and rewarding in its own ways... I just miss the whole weekends free to have our impromptu game nights... Being that I work most nights, I don't get to partake as much and neither does Jim since he has to stay with the kids. For a while we were hosting them at our place so transporting small children wasn't a problem, but once I started working again it kind of stopped. Poker nights took over for a while and even those were great... This is all kind of random from the outside but I am sitting here with my back up drive going through the 1016 videos I recovered from the old pc. It is making me nostalgic! Here is an example of my hilarious (and foul mouthed *just a warning*) friends in action.

I just hope when the kids are a bit older, they will love to play games as well. At the age they are now, they adore playing games so its looking good so far! I can only take so much Candyland though! I need Maris to learn to read so I can teach her scrabble or boggle :) I cleaned out one of our closets today and realized how many board games we actually own. Wow,,, I see game nights in my future again!

and not for nothing... I have 2 Beatles board games still in the box since I have no one who will even think of playing against me. SIGH

Thank goodness for internet scrabble :)

wow...what a random post... haha

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  1. I dont blame anyone for not playing anything Beatles related...lol...sorry 8) We love board games also!