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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick Update and Challenge Day 9

Update on my Dad... he chewed his finger pretty bad with a table saw and severed a tendon and had nerve damage... he lives in VA so it isn't so easy for us to pick up and go see him... his surgery went smoothly from what I hear. We have a terrible track record for communication, but my sister has been keeping me updated. Supposedly he is coming up this week to visit! Not sure if he didn't tell me to surprise us or just because its what he does... but either way... the kids are realy excited to see him! Not sure if I should have told them or not though... Maris keeeps asking when she will see him and if he's coming to our house... I have to make with Grampa Kip or she's going to be mad! haha
Today is errands day, lots of running and Jim is working late so we don't have to rush for dinner. I have off tonight too! I can watch the Michael Jackson episode of Glee... haha *dork*

Well, here's the mouth at Ballet yesterday :)

and the Goob next door at the ice cream parlor eating a pb cup cookie...

and the sun going down on the way home over the black dirt fields... it always looks so pretty.. it can make ugly farm buildings pretty.

drawing challenge for today... favorite tv show... pssshht what challenge? haha *(I know I took the EASY route... but it conveys the answer quite clearly haha)

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