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Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Spy... a New Project!

sooo... as a full-fledged addict of pinterest... I get tons of cool ideas to try and I DO adore creating things... the other day I came across this blog , Love and Lollipops, that has some cute ideas. The kids love those I Spy tubes at the toy store but they are EXPENSIVE. I hate buying things that I can easily make myself... so after seeing this link I was inspired to do so.
The kids and I set out treasure hunting for small objects to fit in our water bottle. Loving that this craft was "free" in the way that it was made with found materials in the house. :)
I decided to color the rice to give it a pop as well.

then I took a picture of all the items as a key. They aren't reading yet, so a photo key seemed better. I will print it out and laminate cards to attach to the bottle neck later (my printer isn't working with the new computer yet... it's on the to-do list!)

My helper in filling the bottle with trinkets :)
I must say, it is cute. and surprisingly soothing! I caught myself turning it and feeling the rice rotate and zoning out.... its nice! I even have rice left over to make more of them. The hunt for more trinkets beings!

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