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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

30 Day Challenge Complete

challenge complete! It is a bittersweet victory... I immensely enjoyed drawing these every day and now its over! I think I need to either find another one or make up another one since it has become a mother daughter activity here! I love how my little M is blossoming into a little artist :) I bought her a small sketchbook at the dollar store the other day bc she asked for one like mine. I said if she does well with the smaller ones and treats them properly, I will see about getting her a nice book bound one like I have. She has filled most of it already.

can you tell what the drawing above is? it is a bit abstract, but I was so proud of her!

Being that my favorite television show is Frasier (a spin off of Cheers - which I am also obsessed with...) I have always wanted to go to Boston. Not only for the bar, but also for all the history and scenery and the giant aquarium and duck boat tours... I have never been and always wanted to go.

its over!

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