Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Party and Drawing Challenge Day 18

Maris' Pre-K class had their Valentine's Day Celebration today. Her school really goes all out for the holidays. It is such a nice place! I sincerely hope Jackson gets through the lottery so he can go too next year (the admissions are lottery based...) As I've probably mentioned on here before, he gets upset that she goes into the classroom to school and he doesn't get to. Oftentimes, I carry him away while he either screams or whimpers "school...." "I want to go to schoool..." One of the head teachers of her class is aware of this... so during the dismissal of class today, they sang the goodbye song for Jackson and he was just glowing :) It made my eyes tear bc he was just so happy to be included... When her class lets out at the end of the day, they release the kids to their parent one by one as they sing the song "*kids name here* had a fun day... *____* had a fun day and now she's going home!" Jackson's eyes bugged out when 30+ people sang the song to him :) I mean, he KNOWS the song from picking Maris up all the time and they actually sing it together in the car, so he really got a kick out of it.
The theme of her schools entire year is Wizard of Oz (not a clue why but it has been cute so far) so Valentine's Day was the tin man. We had to turn in gray shirts for the kids to make into a costume for the party... as pictured below... all the kids and teachers had them on. They made SUPER CUTE holders for Valentines... tin man head things - buckets with a lid. also pictured. I feel so blessed that we got into this school for next to NO MONEY... truly a blessing.

oh, and I find it funny that I WORK at Friendly's and I didnt give out the free kids cone coupons... but Maris got at least 4 of them today in her valentines... haha

Drawing Challenge was just a doodle today... I had pirates on the brain apparently. Gotta love how the mind works. Well, time to go do a word puzzle or two and fall asleep. Too much going on up in my head for my own good. Goodnight!

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  1. made my eyes tear up too picturing it great have such talent!