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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Day!

We had such a phenomenal day! Nothing so far out of the ordinary... errands and some fun... and it is my day/night off. We started out the day with a stop at Quik Check since I had printed off the fan coupon for the week of a free rice crispy treat (printed 2!) and they were soooo happy about it! I got myself an iced coffee and we started our day.

Next stop was Tire Discount since my car really needed tires... I packed the mini coloring books and had the crispy treats on hand in case they got restless but they were fantastic.

I was a happy Momma.
he loved the marshmallows :)
The kids got such a kick out of the cutout... Maris kept calling him StayPuft marshmallow man haha
they were amused to see the car up high and I was laughing bc they jumped every time they heard a noise come from in there.
After we got tires, we stopped at Hobby Lobby (no pics - shocker!) so I can use some of my giftcard I got from my Dad and stepmom... I purchased some Valentines clearance stuff that I can use anytime.. like glitter and stickers and ribbon... and also a strip of fabric so I can try making myself a camera strap cover. It is something I've wanted to do for a while but never got around to doing it. They are hard to find! (the retro hippie like camera straps I mean....) so I picked some very ME fabric and we shall see! After that, the kids got hungry and being the coupon queen I tend to be at times... I had a coupon printed and ready for Chilis... Kids eat free today - up to 2 kids per adult... so we ate for under 12 bucks :) plus tip of course but the food was sooo good and the kids were STILL behaving. OOOOH ALSO!.... at the restaurant , I took the kids into the bathroom before our food came so we wouldnt have to go while I was eating... and after Maris went, Jackson started pulling his pants off.... saying pee had to come out... he is kind of flirting with the idea of potty training lately but nothing besides a few pees in the training potty at home... but for some reason today, he just clicked. I went with it and sat him on the toilet facing backwards and HE WENT! I couldnt believe it. I of course snapped a pic but I won't post it! haha

we hit a few more stores before heading home since I had coupons and needed a hot glue gun and a few other things for projects... barely spend any money whatsoever-considering what I got! I bought 57 hot glue gun sticks on Monday (SUPER CHEAP!) and brought them home to realize I only had a mini glue gun and they are too big :) Got myself a glue gun today with my coupon for 4 bucks that can use the sticks so Im happy. In the craft store, Maris had to GO again so we went in the bathroom and Jackson went AGAIN! Also this am he went twice... Home, the kids decorated craft supply boxes and watched Rocko's Modern Life... then got back on our drawing kick since I took a few days hiatus from it *we were busy!* Jacks has steadily peed in his potty with a dry diaper all day. Soooo weird. The only setback was that he pulled his pants up to poop in his underwear and then pulled them back down to pee in the potty... ALMOST THERE!

yeah... scenery is NOT my forte

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  1. Not only does it sound like a super wonderful and productive day, but WAY TO GO JACKSON!!!! Great job going on the potty and staying dry all day!!!