Sunday, February 12, 2012

Something New? How about the flu?

so yesterday afternoon, I was feeling a bit off... very nauseous and tired... I decided to ignore it because usually when I am sick I HAVE to ignore it... I have kids to tend to. We went out to run some errands and ended up going to the mall to walk around (Jim let the kids pick something to do and they wanted to go look at toys - we went to Target) I figured I could get some ginger ale and feel a bit better with fresh air. I wanted to stay home, but Maris got really upset that I was so I ended up going instead of sleeping off whatever I had (better idea - let me tell you!) I started feeling really dizzy in Target and still tried to shake it off... We walked around a bit more and went to FYE. At this point, I told Jim I needed to go back to the car and he can do whatever with the kids while I rest it off... he said no way we will just leave... so as we were leaving, we ran into my sister and her fiancee and they ended up walking back to Target with us since they were headed there anyways. On the way out of FYE, I felt a wave of heat and dizziness and went over to the garbage can and puked soooo much... it was gross. Then fell backward and passed out. I woke up on the bench and then puked all over there... it was terrible. Its kind of a blur but we got back to the car and home where I was quickly quarantined in the bedroom with 2 buckets, a bunch of water and gatorade and ginger ale... some saltines and grapes... none got touched until about 2am... I ate one cracker and threw it up so I didnt want to eat at all. I must have slept on and off without really moving from about 4pm to late morning today... It is now 28 hours later and I am up and about... freshly showered and called out of work for tonight. I was debating going in... but I need to rest it off. I am not 100 percent just yet... but def feeling functional again. My appetite is finally back! I don't think I ate anything more than a few saltines yesterday... I mean ALL day. Thats probably why I fainted and made it much worse on myself. Its weird but no matter how much I knew I needed to eat, I was so queasy that the thought of food was absurd. Then I was so sick that I could barely move. So glad I am up and NOT throwing up. Bad news is that Jim started feeling queasy and now he is in the bedroom sleeping it off. I hope it is psychosomatic or else he's going to have a rough night. The kids are so far so good. Oh, and here's my daily drawing. I had hours upon hours of alone time in bed... and had the perfect subject matter haha I am still wondering what the heck hit me... Jim says stomach flu... some said food poisoning due to the stomach cramping and throwing up... and yes - the drawing has a misspelling in it... I was sick! haha it bothers me... but whats done is done!

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  1. I hope you all start feeling well soon. Let us know if you need anything. Love you!!!