Wednesday, February 8, 2012


so today's drawing challenge is inspiration... so many people/things inspire me... but being that this is a drawing challenge, I went with one of my favorite artists - Peter Max. My love of stars and bright colors and my cartoonish style are all basically emulated from him... I was introduced to his work at a rather young age in my adolescence and I know his artwork inspired the Yellow Submarine animators so he lis linked with the Beatles - and who doesn't know of my undying love for them?? haha This is my imitation of one of his self portraits. I remember going on a cruise with my Mom when I was 16 and the gallery on the ship's featured artist was Peter Max. It was THE BEST! I wanted to buy one sooo bad but what 16 year old had at least a couple hundred bucks to spend on a painting or *print!* on a family vacation... haha

so there it is. I almost did a John Lennon sketch, but I went with a more direct approach art-wise.

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