Thursday, February 9, 2012

80's Rollerskating Night and Drawing Challenge Day 17

Tonight was my Mom's Night out - 80's Style! I got my NKOTB shirt (that I wear regularly anyways) and my fire engine red skinny jeans and rocked the skating rink. I only skated to the songs I liked like I used to back in the day... I own NO hair products... so no teasing up the hair today... I tried but it seemed to only flatten it a bit. I am a child of the 80's.. not really of age to tease yet so that fad was before my time lol I DID used to rock the crimped hair and side pony tails though! My hair wasnt long enough for the pony. Having a bit of a love affair with my red pants! I never want to take them off!

Drawing Challenge f the day : favorite plant. My mind didnt immediately go to flowers, although as I was drawing this, I wanted to veer into drawing some black eye susans or sunflowers... but ivy was the first instinct and thats what I'm sticking to with this challenge! I love love love seeing ivy take over walls and buildings... I had my own ivy plant in the old apartment that didnt survive the move - i miss it.

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