Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stellar Day! Stellar WEEK so far :) and Dad's Visit

Today is groundhog day (I love that movie!) and Phil calls for more winter... but with this kind of weather... who cares?! The passed 2 days, we have been outside without coats IN FEBRUARY! The temps are at record highs... it was 64 in NYC yesterday... insane. Not really complaining... makes me nervous with the whole weather patterns changing thing after seeing so many end-of-the-word global warming type movies... but I'm going to enjoy the highs :) Yesterday Dad and Sue finally made their appearance with their 2 little dogs and the kids LOVED every second of it. They got spoiled with Christmas presents and a trip to Toys R Us and we spent most of the day in the yard. Gotta hand it to my Dad... he was pitching and catching baseballs to and from 2 kids at once with one hand since he cant use the other one for a few weeks until it heals. He was in his Grandpa glory :) I hated that we only got to see them for a few hours of one day before they had to leave again... (he had to go back to VA to do paperwork before the end of the week for his job) but it was really great. They say they are coming back soon and we will be planning a spring trip down to him and maybe a stop to Kings Dominion!

Drawing Challenge was a turning point in my life. So many to choose from but this was a big one.

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