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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap

Our Valentines Day was a day of random fun... I am accustomed to not celebrating the holiday since my husband cant be bothered... never really has since 2004 when we composed wrote and played me a song... since then... nada. But aaaahhh well. I took my little valentines out for a day of surprises and galavanting. We started out with coloring with markers while I made breakfast... sprinkle pancakes :)
then we left and went to the mall. We went to Gertrude Hawk so I could buy myself some chocolate and also let my kiddos pick out a small treat for themselves :)

They said they wanted to walk through build a bear and the arcade so we hit those.. I got yelled at for taking pictures in the arcade!! licensing or whatever... but I got a few shots in before they stopped me. They should post it somewhere obvious bc I didnt know.

their prizes from the dollar I spent in the arcade :)

angry birds!!!

we checked out the Hobby Lobby and picked out some craft supplies to make things when we got home... had some fun in the store as well.

Maris found Hello Kitty Peace Sign bedsheets and her head just about exploded! She literally screamed. For those of you who dont know, Maris wants to have a hello kitty PEACE SIGN birthday party. so this was hysterical to see.

We ate lunch at the 5 guys that opened in Mtown recently... The soda machine has hundreds of flavors and its so fun. the food was ok... i am not a big burger gal but you can pick a ton of free toppings so i was a fan of that. nothing really for kiddos except an expensive small grilled cheese, but they LOVED the loose peanuts to crack and eat!
Jacks fell asleep midlunch. a MUCH NEEDED nap.

just some small gifts for the babies... and some kisses!
we made little stained glass type thingies that we bought at hobby lobby

overall a pretty fantastic day :) who needs romance... I had a ton of love

something I miss would be not having to worry about much more than where to build my next fort... being a kid in the country was awesome.

not much I need other than essentials to live... what Ifeel I need lately is perspective. I need clarity and quite frankly it was the first thing that popped in my head.

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