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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Camera Strap Project and Crazy Weather!

Yesterday was a beautiful springlike day.. we were outside playing with just jackets on! I cleaned my car while Maris was in school and we did our grocery shopping... productive day!!!

not sure what they are doing above but the picture was in unison - they look like they are doing a dance!

this is the difference in the yard between yesterday and today... warm and sunny to rainy snow the next day.
this pic below was taken as I tucked Maris into bed... I had to get the camera. I asked her to put all her "friends" away (they were all on the couch last night going on a trip on a bus) and this is how she put them away. She had barely enough room for herself in her bed... crazy girl :)
once the kids were in bed, it was time to enjoy my night off. I had some gouda and a glass of wine and started sewing. I made 2 camera straps... the daisy one was a test one just to see if it would turn out right before I used my custom fabric. Aside from it being about an inch too short, I LOVE IT! Definitely a bit tedious but not hard at all. I want to make a bunch!

I also did my drawing challenge - anything you want... played around with silly fonts and such... I am sad that the challenge is almost over!

side note : we are about 80% there with Jackson! He fights putting diapers on at bedtime and when I go out anywhere. When we are home - NO diapers. and no accidents besides one.. he pooped on the floor in front of the potty... haha no idea why he refuses to poop in it. In time! He goes and loves wearing his super hero and toy story underpants. He's getting so big! Between preschool graduation prep, kindergarten registration, and the baby boy just about potty trained... its freaking me out a little! It goes fast.

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