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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Super Day plus Valentine's Cards and Draing Challenge! *Pic Heavy*

So the chickie's Valentines Day Party in pre K is Friday... and I made all her friends some cards... Im pretty stoked about how they came out!

We started our Palisades adventure today in fancy dress stores bc we wanted to try on fancy dresses - and to check out flower girl dresses for Maris. Its a year too early, but we were there and its fun. She was rocking them <3

who is a little ME taking pictures of his food and family like his Mommy :D
Carousel ride! J was afraid to sit on the horse bc it was high up and ROCKED instead of going up and down... they had teacup style seats you can spin so I sat in there with him. He LOVED it :) M rode with Miss Kimmie - that chickie is not afraid of much (other than porcupines and pufferfishies *new one*)

Disney Store!!! they have a touch screen interactive video screen/movie theater type area. They have tons to chose from and we picked Muppets (of course), Rapunzel and J chose Cars :)

this mirror is interactive with the merchandise. When you scan a product across it, it plays a small video in the 'magic' mirror related to that character. The kids did this for quite a while!

can you tell she's mine??? Haha we found a Walter doll!!! I am rather obsessed with the Muppets

shopping fun :)

this yogurt place in the Palisades is called Rehab and it is a m a z i n g. It is a self serve thing with like... 8 different flavor soft serve yogurts and 50-something toppings and they charge by weight at the end. The kids shared one and I got my own. sooooooo goood and not too expensive, between mine and the kids' I spent 6.42.

just a quick doodle being that we were out having a busy fun day! :) and now Glee is on and the kids are in bed. Good times.

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