Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bridal Show Madness & Life Progress

 This weekend seemed non-stop for me. My days usually tend to be filled and I work most nights, so I am used to being busy... this weekend just seemed more intense. I had the hubs take the weekend off from his job #2 so I could attend 2 bridal shows for the sister. He got to see the kids and take them to the park and he even made dinner! Bridal show #1 was held in the middle of town outdoors and we met some great vendors.

There was a photographer there and, although he was a nice guy with a lot of information, his work felt weak to me. The photos weren't composed well and the lighting was terrible in a lot of them... the portfolio was a scattered mix of awkward poses and cliches.. I felt like a snob thinking these things since I know I could do better... but I shrugged it off and looked on with them until we walked away and everyone confirmed what I was thinking. If someone can get paid THAT well for the work they provided there, I KNOW I can do this and rock it. My current dilemma is the vicious cycle of I need better equipment and I need photo jobs to PAY for better equipment... My regular lens is slightly busted from my children knocking my camera on the ground at the bowling alley, but it still works... just definitely not something I want to rely on during a JOB shoot. I am taking a step in the right direction by taking a local photography class to fine tune my skills and boost my confidence a bit. I've had no real instruction since high school and I have since gravitated back towards automatic since its faster when you have small babies to chase and snap pics of or even to just whip the camera out and snap a pic or two of whatever... but I really need to get back to the skill level I was at at one point. I start in October - the same day Goober starts preschool! I'm taking a night course for the month - my Mom is paying my way into the class as my birthday gift. I'm pretty excited to get in there! BUT back to the bridal show... local bakeries set up all their wares on tables and let all the guests have at it. The flier said there was a reception at the end with samples and drinks... little did Iknow we'd be there for 6 hours and all that there was to sample were TREATS... napoleons and cupcakes, and tiny wedding cakes and champagne. lots and lots of champagne. I had about 5 glasses. I felt horrible by the time we left... I was starving & thirsty and only had alcohol and a crap-ton of sugar. (personal note: I have "intermittent blood sugar" - hypoglycemia... I am great at managing it, but sometimes when I have too much or not enough sugar I feel like crap or pass out) so I was buzzed and sugar dizzy haha. The bridal show was great though. They gave away a TON of amazing prizes - Miranda won a nice flower arrangement but I was really crossing my fingers for her since they had prizes such as B&B stays as well.

Pictured below : the family kept busy at home playing outside in the great weather :)

The next day, we met here and went to bridal show #2. It was held at a local fancy bed and breakfast and was much smaller than the previous show, but fancier. We got a glass of wine and some fancy hor devours . Miranda fell in love with a dress.. pictured below.

the lovebirds

 I got a bunch of delicious food/treats and procured 2 champagne glasses and a nice wine glass :) and had fun with my family. It was a good weekend. The only downside is that I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it... and didnt see the kids too much. I worked all 3 weekend nights so I was gone all day, came home to eat dinner and then left for work. BUT Monday was a holiday so Maris didn't have school. I made up for lost time by having a nice day with the kiddos then. We went to Panera in the morning and got a yummy snack... pumpkin cookies! 

 later after our errands we headed to "Pirate Park" for some what we call tennis. It's wall ball. I tried taking them in the tennis courts, but it was just a lot of chasing missed balls and I figured the wall would be easier to get them used to using racquets. I used to play this all the time when I was younger and on visitation visits with my Dad. He lived in an apartment complex and I'd take my ball out there and whack it against the wall (of someone's apartment in hindsight, but no one ever yelled at me... lol) It brought back memories and t was a great workout, especially for a spaz like me! haha I intend to keep going because all three of us enjoyed it and I am trying to remain active and lose weight for this wedding. I swear I used to be thin... *sigh*

I loved having my sunshine home for the day!

this is what they looked like while I made dinner before work. I FELT the same, but still had to push on and make dinner, clean up and head to work... haha to be a kid!
Now today it is rainy and gloomy, but I have my music going and Jackson is working on a puzzle... time to do the wii fit and then clean up the place a bit. Staying in today... I swear that wii fit works, if only because I turned down ice cream last night for the sole reason of the weigh in this morning would make my counts higher... haha I HATE seeing the line go up and my goal get further away. I've been doing great, meeting my goals every 2 weeks. I made a big one this time and I'm only halfway there. I took progress pics and maybe one day I will feel brave enough to post them... haha until then, everyone stay dry and have a good day :)

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