Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Fun

We enjoyed the kids bowl free for one last time before it ends next week... maybe we can get back before then but not likely. It went well, Maris is doing fantastic bowling, Jackson too... he was messing around and hit his face on a chair and got a bloody lip. The bowling alley made me fill out a 2 page incident report for it... really?! I know this is AMERICA where everyone sues everyone for everyhting... but I wasn't even going to tell them about it. I only went to the snack bar to get napkins and they all came out and gave him ice and all. He is fine, just a fat lip today. AND he kept on bowling afterwards so all is well.

then after bowling, we headed over to our neighbors/M's BFF's house for a laid back BBQ. I got to infiltrate what they call the "Boom Boom Room".. a gazebo on their patio - real nice set up.  

we brought our growler of yummy cream ale to share and the kids played until the sun went down. Sometimes fighting like siblings, but they do get along so well for the most part.
When the sun went down and we were getting ready to leave for bedtimes, they kids' light up shoes were making the boom boom room light up and glow like a night club and they all started dancing. it was so cute.

The next day, we went to the inlaws for the MIL's birthday... had some yummy burgers for dinner and I headed to work. She made these amazing banana pudding cookies and creme cupcakes with nilla wafers. INSANELY rich but delicious.

the whole keeping the family cohesive objective is going well. everyone has been happy and thats good!
it was a good weekend!

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