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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Loving Family

 Just some recent favorites from the past week... we are LOVING this brilliant fall weather! It really inspires me in so many ways. I am making their costumes already... J is Kermit and M is a cat (OUR cat Tobey to be exact)... BUT in true M fashion she wants to be a cat with a tutu :) I am still convincing Jim that it is a great idea to be Al and Peg Bundy! I don't have the space to host a costume party or I WOULD! We went to the local farm ice cream stand that's next to M's ballet studio and they had gourds and pumpkins displayed in a John Deere tractor. J just about lost his mind seeing the tractor right there. He loved the bright yellow wheel. It made for a great photo backdrop. We bought a pumpkin with funky green "warts" on it :) I LOVE this time of year!

                                         always the dancer/performer :)

 after the bus drops Maris, we've been playing some teeball outside and hunting for cool leaves. Once we find some good ones, we will do some cool leaf art. My pinterest obsession has brought me many craft ideas involving them. The tree in our yard drops nuts and ugly leaves so maybe a trip to a park or something is in order for a nature walk and leaf hunt.

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