Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photo FB Site

it's HERE!

As of now, I only have the facebook page until I get up and really going and build a bigger body of work and examples. Anyone want some pictures taken? Doesn't even matter of what... I am waay more into the casual candid than I am the posed portrait type stuff, but I am happy taking any type of photograph really.


  1. Anytime you need practice on kids that aren't your own, feel free to stop by.. I also have one that isn't mine here every day... I know it helps to get used to babies/kiddies you don't know.. sometimes it's easier and sometimes it's harder:)

  2. thanks! I may take you up on that sometime :)

  3. Oh, and you really should practice the whole portrait thing... you could get good gigs around the holidays going to their houses.. all you need is 1 person to hire you and you got a couple of clients from word of mouth...