Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sayonara Summer Sno Cone Shindig and Blue Moon!

 Maris starts school Wednesday so I wanted to throw one last play date before our weekday schedule changes. We had a few Mommas and kids over for some lunch and sno cone treats. It was a breezy 92 degrees - wonderful day for swimming!

we had taquitos!


the shaved ice

the shaved ice machine from the stone age! haha

all the kids enjoyed it

check out how dirty a kiddie pool can get after 6 kids get in and out all afternoon! Gross.. haha

sibling love

we went inside to cool off and change... played a little trains and dress up.

It is now labor day weekend and we kicked it off with a blue moon Friday night! I even had the night off from work and Jim took me out on a date. He keeps calling it our "blue moon date". We went to the Newburgh Brewing Company and had some great beer and pretty good food. The place had board games and corn hole and great music... very relaxed vibe and we could see our blue moon from the windows. Jim actually beat me (BY TWO POINTS) in Scrabble!We got a growler to go for later this weekend and headed to Sonic for dessert. (and my cranberry tea w/ extra ice). It was a great date - and the first time I spent much real time with Jim in ages.

blurry pics from my phone.... didn't bring my camera! *gasp!*
We were growing way far apart due to not taking time to spend together... long story, but we are working on it and we are doing great as a couple and as a family. Today we cleaned out the vehicles and might even be making a trade for a van in the very near future. It is so very weird to see my car without all of its... character and junk in it :) To sum up, life is good! Now off to work... blech

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  1. Fun time on Friday. Know what you mean about spending time together. It's rough.