Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Summary

So our weekend... it is coming to an end as it gets closer and closer to the time I have to get dinner ready and head to work. I am feeling better since actually taking the advice to take it easy. Now I just need to obtain the insurance so I can get thoroughly checked out and fixed up.

Friday marked the first FULL DAY of school Maris ever had and she did great. She got to see her friends at lunch and recess and she is telling me about new friends she is starting to make :)

as mentioned in my previous post, we made a couple loaves of beer bread. I wrapped one up to send to the Father in Law since it was his birthday.
while waiting for the bus,we found an empty nest and an onion that fell off the truck (more of a common find near us)
We took advantage of the fact that I had the night off and went bowling since it was the last day of the summer bowl free program. I even used a light kiddie ball as to not exert myself.
coolest thermos ever! Found it while grocery shopping.

my bowler baby girl

We really will miss the kids bowl free days every week. It has become a solid day in our schedule and now we won't have it until next summer. I will be sure to invest in their own bowling shoes by then since we went at least once a week.

Saturday we went to a good friend's 40th birthday party - M's BFF's Mom in fact... so the kids were thrilled to spend the afternoon with their buddies. 
glad we've gotten close - love that our kids are BFFS

we all had a great time :)

Sunday has been a cleaning the house kind of day... soon I head to work.

Back to school for Sweeters tomorrow!

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