Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School & Urgent Care

best feeling EVER :) She was back home!

She loved school and loved the bus... had nothing but great things to say. She made a few new friends and saw an old one who happens to be in her class. After she got off the bus, we went to Quick Chek and got icees and a free marshmallow crispy treat (fan free coupons from the fb site!) and headed home. The pain in my lower side was less than this morning but still an annoyance. I planned on going to Urgent Care as soon as Jim got home. What ACTUALLY happened was that when Jim got home, I passed out on the couch and moved into the bedroom and slept most of the evening until my Mom called me and said she'd take me in... so around 8pm I kissed the kids goodnight and headed out to urgent care. After my exam they told me it was yet again ovarian cysts... I really need to get some insurance so I can get this problem fixed... action plan for now is rest in bed with a heating pad... and tylenol. We shall see. The literature she gave me said that the pain subsides in 1-3 days of rupture, so I can handle that. I just dont want it to happen again because it HURTS. Now onto tomorrow, another half day and then she starts full day Kindergarten Friday. She is just amazing :) Jackson was all cuddly and great today too. He loves the whole not having to share me thing. He was a bit jealous that she started school and he didn't. His preschool starts a month later... then I will really have empty nest problems :)

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