Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcome Fall! Here's the Bucket List

 Happy FALL! It is my favorite time of year :) Recently, I made the discovery of "dump meals" on and set out to complete a few. Working nights and doing as much as I can during the days leaves me with little time to want to set aside to make dinners all the time... anyways... I wrote what the meal was and also some prep notes if needed - like add potatoes or whatever it may be.  Not pictured is the tray of meatballs I made to freeze and use over a span of time as well. I made about 100 :) There was a good meat sale at the store yesterday, including quick sales, so I decided it was time to start prepping. I chopped the produce and mixed marinades and divided portions of meats. All in all I ended up with AT LEAST 10 dinners and all I paid for all the meat and produce was 50 bucks - including the 4 pound of meat for the meatballs. For 10 plus dinners, that's not too shabby! Yay productivity!

(2 bags of everything pictured)

 The meatballs are still in progress so no pics of those, but they look and smell amaaazing! I also defrosted my freezer and cleaned it all out so its all neat and ready to go now! I left some of the Teriyaki Chicken and veggies to serve over rice for tonight as well. I'm feeling pretty good about it! I also made a gift for an upcoming party - cannot picture that until afterwards so the receiving party doesn't see ahead of time! The kids colored cards for upcoming birthdays and all as well. Now it is time to head outside and enjoy the weather for a bit before I have to start getting ready for work.

We also discussed what we should have on our fall bucket list and they are anxious to start checking things off. They wanted to go apple picking badly today... gotta wait for all 4 of us to be home for that one! Let's see how well we do on our fall list :)

Outside we go!

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