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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Dance Recital

 The day for the recital came and went so fast. She did very well! I was so nervous about the bun and make up... 2 things I have little to no experience in dealing with. I google-ed and youtube-ed tips and how-to videos on making a bun... and found the sock bun. I took one of the mismatched baby socks and rolled it up like a scrunchie then her hair surrounded it and made a bun. then I twisted the extra hair around the bun with a billion bobby pins. It was heavily hairsprayed and stayed in place the whole time. I was very proud of myself! and check out the diagram my Mom sent with the make up she let me borrow!

                          Her costume!

 I htink the make up came out well too. Some of the other girls had much heavier make up when I dropped her off and I wondered if I did enough to qualify as "stage makeup"... but no one said anyhting about it so I figured she was ok. They said to put a ton on, but any amount seemed like a ton on my baby! haha
 she was soo ready to dance! Not nervous in the slightest... but she did have it in her head that ballet was now over. Pretty much everyhitng she has been involved with has a big party/event at the end.... pre-preschool and preschool... reading and science clubs... so she thought this was a graduation of sorts. I explained to her that it wasn't over if she didnt want it to be and she was happy. Although she did ask if she could learn cartwheels and jumps this time. That means switching her to a gymnastics type class and she was ok with that... Maybe one more session of ballet before we change anything around...
 With Jackson's tantrums problem (although growing waaay less frequent) I really didnt want to spend another 15 bucks to have to leave her recital with him so he stayed at grandmo's with Uncle Michael while we went. He packed his own "pack pack" and was happy to be there. I was worried he'd be upset but he didn't mind.

 The ballet studio had the different age groups and dance classes all do different numbers from broadway musicals... hence the name "On Broadway" for the show. Maris' class did "Do Re Mi" from Sound of Music... then she had a small part in the finale "No Business Like Show Business". We will be getting a professional video hopefully soon of the show since photography is not allowed during the performance. I hate that I don't have any pictures of her dancing... but here she is afterwards when I gave her the roses and everyone told her how great she did. She was glowing :)

 she said the flowers smelled like raspberries :) AND matched her costume! Thats why Momma picked those ones, Maris! We went and picked Jackson up and headed to Friendly's (where I work!) to show her off and mostly bc she loves it there and wanted a conehead. I felt like a jerk going in on my requested day off, but our store is better than the others in the area and closer to home.

Maris spilled the last little bit of milk she had left and got upset that she wasn't getting another one... she cried about it (pretty rare for Maris, really...) and her make up ran like crazy... she covered her eyes and looked up and we all laughed. That set her off like we were laughing at her misery and she lost it and cried more. Here's the runny make up. I took her in the bathroom and washed as much as I could off without the help of make up remover. (I have NO IDEA how women wear this crap every day... they had to fight me to wear it even on my wedding day haha) and she said "I like no make up much better. It is easier to do things like cry." hahaaha
 I couldn't wait to get her in the bath and get all that gunk and hairspray off my little baby! She did look soo pretty but she is pretty without it too :) Here's a shot of her playing she was a monster with runny eyes. She's too funny!

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