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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Helloooo Summer!

 We had a great first day of summer! We had a quiet morning indoors, ate breakfast, read some books, did our chores... then I packed us a lunch and we headed over to our weekly kids bowl free outing with friends. It was really already starting to get hot when we left at 11:30am so it was nice to be in a cool building.

I had every intention of bringing them to get Ritas ice but I just didnt want to stay in the car and then on a line to get ice cream... so we went home and took out the kiddie pool. I set up with some tunes and a chair in the shade and snapped some pics of the little crazies leaping into the tiny pool.

ice pops and cool water on a hot day. What a way to kick off summer. I am looking forward to more days just like it! Today is our first ever water balloon fight to be hosted here at our house. I am about to go out into the already ridiculous hot weather to fill the balloons up before our friends arrive :) The temps are promising to break 100 again like yesterday so I hope the kids stay cool. It might be a sprinkler ball day as well. Keep cool everyone!

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