Monday, June 18, 2012


 As I have previously mentioned, I attended the Ringo Starr concert at Bethel Woods this weekend. It was amaaazing! They almost didn't let me in because of my camera (apparently, no detachable lenses are allowed in anymore...) but didn't even check my backpack. *good thing too* lol I brought some of my adult drink pouches with me :)

 Here's the setlist
 I was glowing... I do adore going to Bethel - and seeing a Beatle! I HATE HATE crowds so it is weird that I thrive on being in this crowd... maybe it is bc it is a crowd of like-minded people... not really sure. I love getting my little lawn chair and happily singing along and watching/photographing the sights.

 Hello Ringo!
 ok, so this guy above was pointing intensely around the crowd and fistpumping... trying to start a wave or at least to get people to wave their arms... as you can see, no one cared. The funny part is that it was for a Toto song! (Rosanna)
 This guy above kept walking by and I said kind of loudly "that guy loves 'merica!" the crowd was a people watchers delight :)

 my yummy smuggled pouches
 my sister talked the security into letting us walk up the side stage buyt "only for 5 seconds!" and they meant it. we had to leave right after I took one shot.
 I also got tipsy and practiced the art of "photobombing" being that I was sitting behind my cousin and sister :)

It was fun! I cant wait until next month when I go back for the 90's fest Summerland tour. Everclear and Gin Blossoms!!!!!! plus others but I really only care about those two

and a happy 70th birthday to this guy down below (if you don't follow the "Paul is Dead" conspiracy that is!) I wore my Paul concert tee in honor of the day instead of wearing my new Ringo one.

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