Saturday, June 2, 2012

ice cream and screening

The Summer Heat is Here! Maris had her kindergarten screening the other day and we stopped at the ice cream stand afterward... that school was ridiculously hot... she came out of the exam room dripping with sweat. I will remember that when dressing her for school... poor kids in there! She did score average to high on most things... the only snag was that she failed her hearing test... they moved the equipment and retested her in a quieter room with similar results. I am not so worried bc she has failed her last 2 at the docs too and we have had her ears checked for developmental and otehr problems. The pediatricians (had two tell us the same thing...) said that it is personality, not health problems. She has sensitive ears and doesn't like loud noises. I know her hearing is just fine... she hears EVERYTHING... maybe she just doesn't test well.

The kids had a blast and were COVERED in ice cream drips. Once they were done, they both realized how sticky and messy they were and I had to wipe them down or they would have freaked out. They hate being sticky... like their momma :)
This girl is SO ready to go to school. When they called her name, she barely looked back at me, just smiled and walked right into the classroom. Thats my girl

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