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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday

Welcome Summer! Time for beach days, picnics in the sun, bike rides, kiddie pools, air conditioning... a very busy time for us. Tomorrow we are hosting a water balloon fight with some good friends to help combat the record high heat of nearly 100 degrees. Checking things off the summer bucket list left and right :)

 This weekend Momma and Daddio are going rafting with friends while the littles head to Grandma's for the day... she has lots of fun stuff waiting for them... new toys and the works. AANNNDD also this Saturday night is a certain little dancer's very first recital in a real theater with lights and a real audience... she is super pumped... I am nervous, but she is a born star :) We picked up her costume for the performance Monday. Still wrapping my head around the idea of putting heavy makeup on her... I feel like one of those insane stage moms... lol She has been twirling and dancing all over the place and singing songs from Sound Of Music and getting them stuck in my head!                                                               Do Re Mi....

 stay cool in this heat! Currently, we are playing Wii Sports in the AC while I blog... then we are headed back out into the heat with bathing suits on for some kiddie pool action. Happy Summer!

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