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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Fun

 This father's day, we did almost exactly what we did last year : bowling and strawberry picking. We were thinking about going to  a baseball game, but the local team's opening day is the day after... we were looking for some cheap fun and the kids are signed up for the free bowling so that was a no brainer - it only cost us the kids' rentals.

 we started the morning with breakfast (I had Ringo the night before and slept in my accident - he let me! and made his own breakfast with the kids... lol) He opened his gifts... a PS2 baseball game to play with the kiddos, a huge travel coffee mug with portraits I did of the kids on it,and a new coffee maker since he yet again killed another one. I swear the way that man drinks coffee, he needs an industrial one! We stopped at my Mom's to drop a card and the Roger Maris baseball cards I found online to my stepdad. No pictures... weird for me huh?!?! We got to eat lunch there since he had a bunch of leftover Italian food from a party they went to the day before. Yum

 bowling hit a few rough patches in behavior... but ended up being successful. Maris beat me in the first game! Here's the kids walking with their Dad at the orchard... heading to the strawberry patch.

                                                         I took this to assure I was there :)
 there weren't many berries and the ones that were there were small. It took some time but the kids got the hang of finding them under the leaves (and eventually Jackson figured out to only pick the RED ones)

                                                                         teeny berry!
                                                                            haha what a berry

 cherry picking! The Dad of honor wanted to pick a bunch for a cherry beer he wants to brew. He hoisted jacks up since all that was left were the ones at the way tops.
 I was a sport and shimmied up the tree to get the higher ones (I love cherries, so we got a lot!) Below is Maris' photograph of me in the tree haha

                                      I love this shot of the kids and Jim with the scenery

 Jackson was so pumped about blueberries! Unfortunately we shlepped the kids and all our pickings we had so far for what seemed like miles in the heat.. all the way down there only to find there were barely any left. I stubbornly picked what I could find (barely a handful) bc thats what Goob wanted

 picking Momma some sweet peas. I loooove some sweet peas.
                                                            our haul

then we headed home and had some snickers milkshakes that I made to cool off before dinner. We headed outside for some teeball (no pictures of that since I was on the phone with my own Dad!) :) Had a nice conversation with him and then went in for bathtime and bedtime. It was a good day

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