Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy Day Project

Due to my obsession/addiction to the Pinterest website, I have a long queue of projects and ideas that I would love to make/eat/travel to/accomplish/create/enjoy etc... through this site, I discovered a site Playathomemom... and love the ideas they post! One being the sensory bag. Here is a link of all the fun projects that inspire me from the play at home blog... here! Enough rambling... just want to give credit where credit is due... with the increasingly irritating cabin fever riddled children (and myself) running out of housework (really?! gasp haha) and other things to do, I resorted to pinterest. I like to think that I am not just categorizing pipe dreams.... i like to think it is more of a creative to do list. Wow I am rambling today...

Here it is plain and simple.
Pinterest is awesome, I made a sensory bag. It is a crude prototype... I would be upset if I went out and got nice stuff for a fail. Now I know the kids love it, we will be making a nice one.

What you need :

A freezer bag
duct tape (I sealed the zipper lock with it before taping the bag to the posterboard)
They say use hair gel, but I used some shower gel and shampoo.
glitter and fun stuff

It is pretty cool! I worry about the horrible mess if they were to pop the thing... but I told them no fingernails and to press softly. It is crazy soothing too.

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