Thursday, June 7, 2012

Touch A Truck

 The local airport hosted this year's Touch A Truck event. It was the first that we have attended since it seems that I've always had something going on the day of it since I've had kids... They were so excited about it. I will keep it short and simple, yet pic heavy. :)

Jackson was loving touch a truck day. I think the race car was his favorite thing - he was beaming!

Maris wanted to get in this truck to honk the horn. That is a face after an accomplished mission :)
Maris SERIOUSLY wanted to get in line to get on the skydivers plane... (there wasn't an actual line... she was looking for one!) I told her what was going to happen... she watched it... clapped... and then begged us to let her do it... haha NO FEAR.

The day was gorgeous and the weather held out until we started back for the car. We heard the airport guard say they were closing the air field soon due to an incoming storm, so we headed out. As soon as we started the car and were leaving the parking lot, it started to downpour. Good timing. Not so much for the line of cars coming in... but we went early in the day for that exact reason.

After the event, we were close enough to Sonic to justify the trip :) The kids got an ice cream and I got my big cup of ice and Sonic blast. Daddy was STARVING so he got food... I only packed him one sandwich... haha

It was a good day!

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