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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello... Parties!

Our family has a few Hello Kitty fanatics in it... two of which happen to be my sweet Maris and her cousin Naomi: who resides in Florida THE STATE... they both opted to have HK parties and Naomi's is coming up next week (coinciding with their NY visit!) So being that the party will be held near us, I have decided to share some of my projects with her party. The photo below is the photo booth backdrop I made yesterday. It is a work in progress but its coming along nicely if I say so myself! I bought special peace sign paper to revamp it for Maris' party so it isn't exactly the same. It will also double as a giant coloring wall since I used uncolored coloring pages :) My plan is to line the trim with balloons and ribbons and have a photo booth sign. I hate spoiling the "reveal" but I really am just that excited for these parties! The only time these two (Maris and Naomi) met was at my wedding about 4 years ago so they were reeeally small.

Excitement for our big family reunion of sorts is building around here!  On Sunday I will have roughly 13 people over to feed! Those of you who have been in my house know how comical this is! Praying for nice outdoor weather or we're in trouble :) I yearn for more space! They will be staying elsewhere - only coming for dinner, but even that is challenging in our place. We do well with what we have though. Jim's Sister and hubs and 2 kids are coming from Florida, his brother and gf are coming from California, and his immediate family - mom dad and 2 bros and possibly a gf are coming as well. and I was thinking of having some of my immediate family as well but it seems crazy :) Go big or go home, right? It is totally like me to take on **almost** more than I can handle. I'm thinking of making my famous pulled pork - double batch maybe? :)

The next couple weeks will be crazy busy around here but I LOVE IT. I'd love to hit the zoo with them during their visit - some of them have never been to NYC - maybe the horse and track museum for bad weather... Waywayanda (the beach!!!) although they are lucky enough to be very close to REAL beaches so it might be lame for them.. haha Firefly Field sounds like a nice day... well, time to stop rambling and head out to the farm market and start my errands.


  1. Love the photo booth/backdrop!!!!

  2. yeah it does. you are uber talented!

  3. Love the backdrop!! Thank you so much Marisa!!!! :D
    We CANNOT wait to see everyone! So excited!! *squeal*