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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Morning Ramblings... with pics!

 Thinking of the summer "bucket list" this morning... and have the beach on the mind! It has been a while since we've gone. I am too nervous to take 2 kids by myself (they have lifeguards that really keep a good eye, but still makes me nervous!) so we haven't gone in a while. I have to set a day and see who will come with. Thinking back on when we went a lot... 2 years ago! Here are a few shots from when the littles were even younger!

The beach, the zoo, horse and track museum, hiking trails... why is it that I feel most ambitious during my busiest times?! This week starts picking up and getting busy today. I have to bake cookies soon for a "Smart Cookie" end of the school year celebration later this afternoon.. excitement is building for our out of state visitors. Maris keeps talking about what toys she will play with them and where we will go.

Yesterday I purchased benefit tickets to a minor league baseball game that is held 2 days before the hubs' birthday so they are his gift this year. Another thing to cross off the bucket list : A baseball game! One of Jim's friends died in a car crash 2 years or so ago and this is a scholarship donation thing for when you buy the tickets so it had a double purpose and double gift - honoring his friend and he gets to see a ballgame.

I think that is about it... this week we have the cookie party, lots of errands, possibly bowling, grocery shopping for the big dinner Sunday, driving to town to do a friends a favor while she's out of town, library summer sessions start tomorrow, I have to clean the house and figure out where to put 14 people :) I have an adults only luau on Sat that I am looking forward to... the kids are going to my Mom's, which THEY are looking forward to... then of course Sunday when everyone comes over! Hoping for great weather to have a picnic type thing since the kids table is outdoors and the swingset and all. and more SPACE! well I better get a move on.

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