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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Day Two - Water Fun Play Date

 I spent about 20 minutes this morning filling approximately 100-150 balloons for the water fun play date... the time it took 6 kids to blow through them??? A generous minute or two! It was worth it though. A labor of love. My kids are fortunate to have great friends with great Mommas that I get along with. We had a nice laid back day staying cool with some shade and lots of water. Here are some favorite shots and highlights of the fun.

 look at the tree bark... lots of colors, huh? For whatever the reason... the kids thought it was great to throw balloons at the tree... haha

                                                      Maris jumps like a maniac!
                               My sweet Goob taking a rest. It was a fun day! GO SUMMER!


  1. That looks like fun, I wish our kids were closer in age! That would have been fun to do! we might just have to have one of those parties at our house this year with older kids!

  2. Fantastic time yesterday! Girls were asking when we can do it again!!

  3. Absolutely Caroline! It is a lot of prep for a few minutes of fun, but the bonus of your kids being older is that you have helpers in the filling aspect! haha

    CML - same here! We will have to do it again... I still have a LOT of unused balloons to fill yet :)

  4. Love the one with Jackson laying on the towel! He looks so "cool"!