Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Turtles, Parks, and Ballerinas... keepin busy

 Rainy rainy day... how to cure indoor cabin fever? Pitch a tent! I popped some popcorn and they toted some toys in there and have been loving it! I got this tent last year for Jackson's birthday at the Christmas Tree Shoppes for 15 bucks... well worth it! I wouldn't actually CAMP in it... its super thin... but it is amazing for playtime. I take it outside sometimes for them to hang out in. I love that its small enough to fit in our living room and also big enough for the 2 of them. They asked me if they can sleep in it tonight.... we shall see.

 Before the rain hit, I had some errands to run. We got up and out pretty early this morning and filled the gas tank, hit the grocery store and a few other places and then on the way home, I surprised the kids with a quick pitstop at the playground. We were there about 20 mins before the rain started and we had to pack it in. I multi-tasked by writing in my to do notebook and cleaned out my car while they played.

 Maris was determined to do the monkey bars. These were low enough for her to try without me holding her up.

 Jackson's new favorite activity is throwing rocks into water. I promised him when it gets warmer, we will walk in that stream. Its super shallow and clear and I remember LOVING that when I was younger.

Yesterday was ballet day. Goob and I went next door to the farm ice cream place and got farm fresh chocolate milk. It was THICK... he loved it. :) I only drink skim milk so he got to enjoy the whole thing himself... my stomach was upset from the big sip I took so I didnt chance any more. I may be semi-lactose intolerant.... maybe not intolerant, but I really feel sick when I have any whole milk or heavy cream. I love it so usually I throw caution to the wind... but this time, it wasnt worth it haha Plus he was so happy having the treat to himself.


Maris is hard at work practicing with her dance class for the upcoming recital. They are doing a song from the Sound of Music and also another Broadway number. They are trying to keep it a surprise but all Maris sings is Do Re Mi... I think its safe to say that's the song that will be featured :)
We have a lot of fun upcoming events.... Father's Day is this weekend and also, Momma is getting away for a night to go see this guy ;)   (It's Ringo Starr... haha) He is playing Bethel and I bought tickets months ago! Going with my Mom, sister, future bro in law, Uncle, Cousin, her hubby, and another friend. It will be my second time seeing him and I am so excited!

We are also planning a few day trips and have our weekly bowling and ballet class... I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to get to the Bronx Zoo in the next week or two and possibly High Point for some portraits and fun. Still on the hunt for some quad skates - or inline if I must settle... I plan on skating the trail and also at the park with the kids to keep fit. I have a few pinterest ideas on tap for more rainy days... maybe one tonight as I have off from work!

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