Friday, June 17, 2011

Fab Friday

Cleaned up the yard and the landlord mowed AND weed whacked. What a nice surprise! Usually she leaves the grass all long around the swing set. yaaay. Got the grocery shopping done and cleaned out the entire fridge, shelves drawers and everyhting. It looks so nice! =) Still put off that oil change.... :/ but I hate taking the kids. AND I hate taking trips to mtown with only one task. Went through my closet to weed out stuff I dont wear/need anymore and got sidetracked with my old scrapbooks =) Here are a few I took pics of with my phone of my Dad being that its almost Fathers Day and that was on my brain...

The kids finished their Fathers Day present this morning and I did my end of it. Maris wanted to get him a "treasure box" so thats what we did =) I also got him a movie box set from me. I was looking into a Renegades game but they are away on Father's Day... maybe again for his bday. I had fun last year! Coming back from the grocery store, I saw the strawberry picking sign... maybe that would be a fun fathers day activity. Still brainstorming! wonder what the weather will be.... anyhow... Here's the kids painting their treasure box. I decoupaged pictures on the top part =)
Maris has been asking all day to go to a farm and see a horse.... no horse at Pennings so I was wondering where I could take her to see one up close! She has been into horses big time the past week or so. Horse track museum in Goshen is great... maybe a trip there soon with the other moms is in order. Well, off to the mountain of laundry I have to fold while she watches her video and Jackson naps. NO WORK TONIGHT! Feeling much much better since yesterdays drama btw. alright Im out!

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