Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!

Father's Day 2011 was a great success! We had such a wonderful time - too bad I had to end it all by going into work at 6 :( what a great busy day we had! I woke up early to get the kids so he could relax since he ALWAYS wakes up with them (being that I work nights) but I figured I'd let him relax for a morning. I made breakfast potatoes and eggs with the kids and he got up and we ate breakfast. Then we gave him his gifts. They were so excited to give them to him! He got a treasure box from the kids that they helped me make by painting it and a Mel Brooks movie box set from me =) We then got the kids packed up and ready to go. We started our adventure at Och's Orchards in Warwick. We went strawberry picking and also got some cherries from the cherry picking area. I swear Jackson had to have eaten 7 pounds of fruit before we left! He never stopped! We all ate a bunch but he was really packing it away! Maris still has her heart set on seeing a horse up close but they only had one that was far off in the distance... we'll have to wait on that one. We ended up with about 7-8 lbs of fruit at the end of the trip. I froze some up and we have some for the next few days to enjoy.after berry picking, we headed back home to drop off our berries and continue on. Jimmy decided that a game of bowling might be fun so we headed over to Colonial Lanes and played a game. I was worried Jackson was going to misbehave but he was content cheering and jumping up and down whenever anyone went. I also was a multitasking momma! Carrying him AND bowling. (oh, and not to mention that I WON! HAHA) Jimmy worked on helping Maris throw better. She did really well!

Then we were off to eat lunch. I still hadn't been to Texas Roadhouse so we ended up going there. Maris and Jackson were so happy about the peanuts and being able to throw the shells on the ground. They ate sooo many peanuts! The food there was excellent and they had actual brewed sweet tea - my fave!
After we ate lunch we headed over to the mall bc Jim said the kids needed pjs and socks so thats what we did. He called all the shots and thats what he chose.... haha so we ended up at Target and got some cute jammies for the kids and thats when they started to burn out. We checked out the toys and walked around - Jackson started to melt down a bit so it was time to go home.
Upon getting home, Maris and Momma made a big blanket bed on the living room floor and snuggled while watching cartoons. Jackson stayed asleep from the car ride and then into his bed and for about 2 plus hours. Daddy fell asleep on the couch. Family naptime! it was refreshing and nice. then I had to go off to work. What a day!

few side notes... Jackson can climb over and out of his crib with ease so today Jim took the rails off and now he is using a BIG BOY BED! finally. I asked him months ago to take the rail off, but ANYWAYS. its off!
another note... a sad note/ those of you who know that bad ass fish by the name of Jessie will be sad to find out that she passed away this afternoon while we were out. As far as we can tell, the cats were not involved... directly. those who don't know of the fish... this fish was a beta in a vase. we kept her in the kids room bc the cats kept repeatedly knocking over and leaving her on the floor to die. and the fish would survive every time. once we came home and the fish was practically dried out, wrapped in hair and dust from flopping under the couch and we found her a loong time later. and she was alive! you would think the cats or lack of being in water would have taken her but no. she was just floating in her bowl - still in tact. Maris is sad, but understands that the fish is gone. We are thinking of getting another one. We'll see.
What a day. Off to bed! <3


  1. What a fun filled day!! Oh and so sorry about Jessie the fish...what a trooper he was!

    Love you guys!

  2. Looks like a great day was had by all!

  3. Nice, looks like a great time was had by all.

    (you have fathers day 2001 in your first sentence, ha ha)

    Mom Stone

  4. I fixed it!It was a good day =)