Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stressed??? Who me?

I went to the doctor this morning with a personal health concern... after a few tests and internal exams, it turned out to be only a "hormonal imbalance caused by stress." So.. I am now on THEPILL to regulate it and I have to get my iron levels back up and more sleep (Ha.) It might be TMI but I had my "friend" 2.5 weeks before I should have and was losing a lot of blood. (ew) but now we know what it is and I can relax a bit. Relaxing will be much easier with my 2 nights off in a row! Tonight I have a girls night in at my friend's house (I really should be baking for it now... but I will in a minute =)) I am looking forward to relaxing without kids for 2 Thursdays in a row! Score for Momma!
I actually got my butt to the post office and mailed my Dads gift and also made the first installment on the Paul ticket =) a big pile of tip money from work GONE, but worth it =)
We started a fathers day project as Jimmy's gift that I just remembered isn't done. I had the kids paint it a few days ago buy now I have to do my part! gah... always something!
well as for de-stressing.... bed rest is out of the question, taking it easy was recommended... big thanks to my friend Kimmie for coming to play with the kids while I went to the docs. Big help! Well, off I go... there always comes a time to stop procrastinating and it has already come and gone... haha running late!

on a lighter note! pic of the day.... UMM?! lol - maybe its just me... Maris asked if she could have this... I couldn't do it haha

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  1. I laughed sooo much at this post on FB...classic huh!