Friday, June 10, 2011

Yard Sales & Concert Tickets

Today was very productive here at home... I de-cluttered and packed everything we didn't need up and hauled it all to my sisters for our yard sale tomorrow. I even had Maris participate by letting her help choose what stays and what goes. She is actually excited about helping me tomorrow, which is nice =)
My Mom, my sister & fiancee and myself are going to see Paul McCartney next month! I went over there tonight to pick some stuff up to sell and we ended up on the computer checking out prices. It was waay too much but really... you only live once! Last year I was fortunate enough to see Ringo Starr and now I get to see Paul! Double cross off seeing a Beatle play live from my bucket list!!!
Well, off to bed. Gotta get up early and cart the kids over to the yard sale. Lets see if I can make a bit to help pay off this ridiculously expensive ticket! haha

I know... completely irrelevant picture... but I hate posting without one! I was outside hosing off the outdoor toys and I love my planters so there we have it =)GOODNIGHT!


  1. Hey glad i found you! How did the yard sale go?

  2. yard sale went alright. It rained on and off most of the morning... but we had fun and made a bit of money. My sister made almost 200 and I made about 40 =) she stayed at it all weekend though. I only dedicated saturday morning since i had to work and had plans Sunday. got to hang out with my sister and the kids had a good time so it was worth it. glad you found the blog!