Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer & "Big Boy Beds"

so it was the first day of summer and I had my butt handed to me at work tonight! It was just so crazy with the ice cream and carry out window! I really want to cut back on my hours but they just seem to keep scheduling me no matter what... but yeah welcome summer! At least my days will be happy =)
Jackson got to the point where he was climbing the crib rails and sliding down to get out... so we decided to take them down and give him his big boy bed! He is doing PHENOMENAL with it. Father's Day was the first time he slept without the rails and he only got out once and asked for a drink. We hit the first glitch tonight. While I was at work, Jim texted me to let me know that our son had rolled over and fallen out of his bed and REMAINED ASLEEP. haha even as Jim put him back in bed, he stayed asleep. We found something he isn't like his momma with! that's a Jimmy trait. I wake up at the drop of a pin - especially if the kids are the one making the noise. There are actually nights that I am so tired from work that I sleep right through them waking up but that's only when I am dead tired. What a silly kid - staying asleep haha. I guess its a good thing but I have a feeling that we are going to be finding him on the floor in the morning or when I get home from work =)
here he is, sleeping away. my little guy
forgive me if this is repetitive or misspelled or anything... its just that I got home from work and decided to post before bed (I usually do) so Im tired and you get the gist amidst the grammatical errors and typos =)

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