Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Movin' On Up! =)

Maris had her Kids Club House moving up day today. I was fine about the not crying part until the very end when we had to leave and say goodbye. Maris had started crying and she asked if I would get Miss Heidi and Miss Tammi's phone numbers so they can come over and play with her. It was so sad and cute! You can see her welling up in the picture... poor baby!

The day started out with me preparing my parental assignment for the picnic (50 water balloons) outside... Jackson was playing around with the door while watching me and ended up locking it without realizing it! I had to pop the screen out of the door to get back in bc neither kid knew how to unlock it. I was nervous about the weather because it seemed like it might rain (ITDID!) but I filled all the balloons up anyway. We dressed all up and headed out. Daddy even got the afternoon off to come too! The kids made alligator shirts and hats to wear for the celebration. Maris was so excited to show hers off =)

The rain seemed to know when to stop bc the sun came out right in time for the ceremony and water play! They said the pledge and sang songs - including this adorable song about alligators/crocodiles... and every time the kids yelled "snap!" Maris would say it a beat too late... lol I will have the video up hopefully by tomorrow! She got her little certificate of completion and then they had a big water fight =)
They had alligator cake! then played on the playground for a bit. I uploaded tons of pics to my facebook account =) We went to El Azteca in FLorida and when the host sat us at a table, he leaned over and touched MAris' chin and said "so beautiful!" and Maris smiled and said "and you're handsome!" what a pip and what a great day <3 Jim got to be home with the family and all was well with the world. too bad I had to go to work. well! until next time... goodnight!

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