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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Potty Time!

Lately, Jackson has been showing signs of readiness when it comes to potty training. He tells me "I'm poopin'!" (lol) and he brings me fresh diapers before I can even realize he is wet. I had a potty a friend gave us and he was sitting on it a while back and ended up with a pee pee spraying everywhere incident ~since I only had to potty train a girl~ I was not aware of such a thing! He never eveen peed on me during a diaper change like all parents warned me about when I said I was having a boy. Not once. so anyways... we decided we needed to find the right potty for him. One with a pee pee guard. We found one. It has turtles on it and a compartment for wipes and a holder for tp. he loves it. We have yet to go in it, but we are making progress. He loves to strip all the way down (yes he insists on being naked on the potty) but whatever gets him on there! Could've sworn he was gonna poop in it today. He was tooting away while sitting on it. We will get there. Right now the idea is to familiarize him with it. Seems to be working!
All these things are coming so fast... he is my last and I'm so sad but at the same time so proud he is flourishing =) He learns new phrases and things every day. Today during the thunderstorm, Maris and Jackson were sitting by the window, watching and having a discussion about it. She was telling him about the lightning and how the power goes out and he nodded and said "Up there. Cloud BOOMING" "Mom! Its BOOMING out" the way kids say things cracks me up. Here's a pic of the sweeters pretending my comforter is an ocean

I love my kids. Can you ever say it enough???

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  1. So sweet!!!! Good job Jacks!!!! At this rate he'll be potty trained before Naomi! Haha! Miss you guys...