Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Monday...

I was catching up with all the blogs/facebook people I follow and one of my friends posted this... "i know where i want to be... i just don't really know how to get there."It really got me thinking... it sums up how I feel about most things in my life right now. In my heart, I know I am a photographer. It is something I was meant to do yet I have NO CLUE how to get there... also we are quickly outgrowing our home and we would love to own our own or even just get a bigger place. We both work so much and still cannot afford it. I feel as though in my life we are running underwater... working so hard and not getting far.
I know it sounds like a pity party. Its not. I love my life. I am just writing down my thoughts... I get down sometimes bc I see other people who have achieved what I strive for and it makes me wonder why I haven't yet. I know we started our family in a "non conventional way" by not waiting until we were settleddown before having kids.... that wasn't the plan for us. We do well with what we have and make sure we get to enjoy life after how hard we work. I bought a Paul McCartney ticket for myself to go with my sister, her fiancee and my mom that I really shouldn't have spent money on... and my husband spends money on hobbies and things for himself as well. It is rare but you DO have to reward yourself now and then with a treat or else the cycle of get up go to work come home go to bed really can drag you down. "All work and no play..." you know the rest =)
as for the photographer thing... I DO get small jobs from time to time that are helping me build the experience that I require to keep on in the field. It will happen. I know I don't want my current job to be what I do for the rest of my life... cleaning houses and scooping ice cream are fine and all - sometimes even fun...pays the bills and makes it possible to stay home with these two <3 I just know in my heart that things will work out I suppose. Chin up =)

"i know where i want to be... i just don't really know how to get there."

such a thought provoking statement... imo

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