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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farewell and Happy Fourth! (Plus our pre-4th celebration today!))

We are packing up to be on our way to Cleveland for a few days! We leave at 6am. I still have to load the car, pack the snacks, shower and sneak in some sleep =) Can't wait to see the ball game and all Jim's relatives. I always enjoyed going to Cleveland.
Today we had a pre-fourth of July play date at Mel's house. Spectacular as usual! I made popcorn bars with pretzels and M&ms mixed with marshmallow - kind of like rice crispie treats but with popcorn instead. All the food was great, the kids had a hula hoop contest, sack race, and went swimming. Jackson is a little fish! He went in the bigger kids pool with no trepidation at all. He was lifting his little feet and saying I FLOAT! with his little tube =)

Well, be back in a few days! Thankful Thursday BTW... thankful I am getting a week off of work. AWAY FROM THAT RESTAURANT =) I am thankful for my loving husband and great kids. I am thankful for great friends and the nice group we have formed over the last 2 years which enables us to have get togethers like today 8)

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  1. Always great having you and the kids over for fun!