Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moms Night In (Out for me!)

I just got back a while ago from my friend's house. She hosted a moms night in with delicious food and great company =) I ended up making a fruit pizza (LOVE making them, so easy and yummy). I LOVE LOVED Amela's orange tea! Def stealing that idea!

just had a nice relaxing end of the night with the hubs before he went off to bed. After Conan that's where I'm headed as well. As much as I like working for my own paycheck, I do thoroughly enjoy my nights off. Maris' face just lights up when she hears I'm home for the night. =) I feel bad that she was so happy and then I left to see my Momma friends, but I have tomorrow night off too. Nothing but family time tomorrow so she will be happy. Well goodnight!

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